A Colourpop World

Once upon a time, in a far away place, there lived a girl who loved make-up.

One night, after receiving her 13th month pay and having a fight that ended a 15-year old friendship, She made the unfortunate decision to drink. She was so drunk off her ass on vodka and misery that she made the not-so-unfortunate decision to wander into a website she frequented..and bought almost the entire 2016 holiday make-up line.

Yes kids, This is the story of how I drank and shopped.

I don’t remember much about that night. But I do remember thinking of my friends and how I wanted to get them extra something special because of our fight. That’s probably the reason for the absurd volume of make-up I bought.


Colourpop had released 3 sets of holiday make-up for 2016. All of which could be seen below.

I placed my order on December 3 and it got shipped from LA on December 9. I got the notification from my local post office on January 5. I was told that it took so long to ship because of the holday rush but normally it just takes around 15 days to get here.

Here are the pictures. ♡


Fresh from the LPC post office




A little love note ♡


“Nice” – Wild Nothing Ultra Matte Lip, Just for Fun Ultra Shock Shadow, Fanny Pack Ultra Shock Cheek



“Naughty” – Embellish Ultra Matte Lip, Sleigh Super Shock Shadow, Strapped Super Shock Cheek



“Sweet” – Wink Ultra Satin Lip, Tinsel Super Shock Shadow, Koosh Super Shock Shadow




Lippe Stix Primer



The Freebies ♡


Aren’t they all deliciously lovely? Most of them will go to other people as Christmas gifts. I know, it’s late. But better late than never right?

PS: I know in my previous post I have made a resolution to downsize my spending. But hey, I made this purchase in 2016. So it doesn’t count! 😀



It’s approximately 7:04am here in the Philippines and I’m sittting on my veranda, having my morning smoke and soda, thinking of what I can do to make this year better than the last.

Now I haven’t done resolutions since I was 10 years old and really, my track record for keeping them is… well..crap.

But I’m feeling good about 2017. So, for the first time in forever, I’m going to make resolutions and keep them this time around.


1. The gym has more to offer than the steam/sauna room. Use it

-Okay. So I’ve had the company gym membership for a few months now and tbh, every time I go there I either sit at the snack bar or just hang out in the steam room. This year I promise to actually use some of their machines for what they were intended for (working out as opposed to falling asleep on while doing the leg workout thingie)

2. Go out more

-Last year I spent most of my weekends in my room, reading a book or binge watching dvds. This year I don’t plan on hiding in my room. I’ll go out. Explore the city. Watch more movies. Just go out and have fun. With friends or by myself.

3. Forgive and forget

-This one I actually started on last night. I removed the posts from my old blog, Neverwhere. It was time I let go of all that negativity. I know there was controversy about those posts and how some parties wanted it gone and now it seems like I gave in to their demands. I’ve been planning on doing it for a while now. I just wanted to be the one who made the call. geddit?

4. Spend more time with Family

-As families go, mine isn’t very tight knit. In fact, We only get to be together on holidays or when I was in a hospital. This year I plan on making an effort to get us all together in the same room and fighting over the last piece of chicken. Just like when I was a kid ♡

5. Spend wisely

-Okay this one will be difficult to keep. I’m an impulse shopper. Sure, I have my company retirement savings but I don’t have an actual savings about to keep all my loots and gold safe from plundering hands (which are my own). So there. I’m opening up a savings account with NO ATM. And I’m cancelling my subscription to beautymnl, colourpop and distancing myself far far away from all branches of Forever 21.

6. Travel

-Because my passport isn’t just another valid ID. I’ll start somewhere easy. Like SG or HK. No travel buddies? No problem. I’ve got a brain. I’m not entirely hopeless with directions and I know the international word for food, “Mcdonalds”.

7. Treat friends better.

-So last year wasn’t all that good in the friends department. But with the ones I still have, I plan on treating you guys better. No more blowing you guys off because of my mood swings and more food and happiness.

8. Treat myself better.

-No more blaming myself when things turn to shit. No more trapping myself in my dark demented thoughts. I know what I am capable of. I know what I deserve. I will learn to cut myself some slack and more forward.

9. Fall in-love again.

-Last year I went out on a couple of dates. It sucked. Partly my fault. Because I really wasn’t into anything serious. I kept my heart guarded and ran away every single time someone threatened to open it up again. This is the year I stop looking for temporary things. This is the year I learn to give love a chance to worm it’s way into my heart again. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean I will fall inlove with another person. I can fall in-love with my life too. (Which is easier. Coz my prospects in the love department are zilch lol)

10. Live

My sister once said to me that my life will always be more difficult because of my condition. And she’s right. The thing about depression is that it doesn’t really go away. Not 100%. Not forever.

But despite that. I’m choosing to live. Yes, I made the same choice last year. I chose to live but really, I wouldn’t call last year actually living. Yes. I was walking, talking and breathing. But I wasn’t alive. I wasn’t enjoying my life. I was wasting it away.

This is the year I choose to really live. The year I stop killing myself with cigarettes and soda. The year I start taking more care of my health, both physically and mentally. The year I will smile more. Laugh often and cry less.

I know that this year, chances are I’ll come across challenges much more difficult than last year’s. But no matter how bad things get, No matter how hopeless thing will become, I will remember the choice that I made today.

I choose life.

I choose to live.

Happy new year everyone! And good luck! 🙂

Crystal Beach Resort – San Narciso, Zambales

Once upon a time, in a far away office (Hello Alabang!) there lived 4 single ladies who have wanted to unwind.

“Let’s go eat after shift!”, said one. For she was always hungry.

“Let’s not go too far. It’s too hot!”, said the other. She lived very near the office so she didn’t want to go far and commute all the way back.

“Let’s go to the beach!”, said the dark one. It has been raining lately and she was dying for some sun.

“I wanna go Glamping!”, said I. Because.. Meh. I was just bored.

We all wanted different things and so we talked. We talked about what could do together, day after day, until it was a week before our 3 day off from work. It was crunch time and we had to decide what we wanted to do. Do we go to the beach? glamping? go somewhere near? or just pig out somewhere until we go into a food coma?

Long story short. ZAMBALES BABY!

We left the office at around 8am to catch the 9am bus going to Zambales at the Victory Bus terminal. We got there on time and was able to ride the bus with no dramas.


Day 1 – On the way to Zambales ♡

I know this is going to sound stupid. But I honestly thought Zambales was just as far from Manila as Batangas was. Like 2 hours or so. I kept asking the conductor when we’ll get there. I must’ve asked 4 times until he patiently told me that since we are going through the different towns and not via the expressway, It’ll take us 5 hours or so to get there. In actuality it took us 6 freaking hours to get there. 6 HOURS!!! My butt has never been so numb!


Day 1 – Hanging out in the tent area. Those white tents in the background are the “Glamping” tents. They come with 2-3 beds on top of a wooden platform, pillows, blankets, towels, toiletries and an electric fan. Our glamping tent even had a couple of free frogs (fucking toads according to my friend Ney) under the beds.

So we got there. We checked in. Got to our tent and it was..well, It was cheap so we got what we paid for. 3 bed foams put together and placed on top of a wooden platform. 1 electric fan and 2 free electric socket. Pillows, towels, blankets and toiletries were also provided. The tent also had a mosquito net and the tent itself was the zip up kind so our stuff was somehow secure.


Day 1 – Late lunch at the Resort’s restaurant

They say you shouldn’t eat before swimming but damn it after that loooong bus ride, we were HUNGRY.


Day 1 – The waves were too strong for us to go into the water so we waited for the water to come to us.

It turns we wouldn’t be able to swim anyway. The current was too strong because of the bad weather. Surfing was okay though but since none of us knew how to surf and there was only 1 strong swimmer among us we just opted to play around on the beach like mermaids. The beach was lovely though and the water felt good. My only feedback is that the beach wasn’t actually sandy. It was like it was made up of tiny rocks that got in everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE!


Day 2 -I swear the three of us didn’t plan on wearing pink. Well, Okay fine we did 😛

Day 2 was more of a repeat of day 1. The current was still to strong for not-so-strong swimmers such as myself. There were lifeguards available of course. One of them event told us about a person who was staying at the resort next to ours who dared the elements and how his body was found 3 days later off the coast of Zambales. Nice guy, that lifeguard

And thus, we spent Day 2 listening to music, drinking, pigging out and screaming names laced with profanity into the vast blue sea


Day 3 – Stormy weather. Bright smiles


Day 2 – Sunless Sunbathing

Finally. After 2 days, countless prayers and one very embarassing ballet attempt/sun dance (which I will not elaborate thank you ver much). The sun broke through the gray clouds and spread light and warmth all around. It felt amazing. The same feeling you get when you find out your pay is finally in your bank account. It was bliss ♡

The first thing we did? groupfies of course! Current was still too strong to seim though so we played around on the shallow end, careful not to get caught and dragged by the waves.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Day 3 – Not sure if I’m at a beach or in the mountains. Such lovely Pine trees ♡

But alas, All vacations must end. So around lunch time we made our way back to our camp to pack up. The place overall was okay. Facilities were so and so but what I loved was the staff.  From the lifeguard who shared stories to the kuya who got rid of the 2 bullfrogs who accidentallt got into our tent. I would definitely go back (Maybe not in September again. But some other time)

PS: I forget to mention..


They have hammocks!